Israel vs. Iran

I have been trying to do some end-time studies concerning what has been going on with Israel and Iran. It would surprise me if they did not go to war soon. So many things seem like they might occur now according to what is written in Ezekiel Chapters 38-39. Many of know that Iran is manipulated by Russia and even has some control now in Syria and other parts of that region.

In Ezekiel, it speaks of an army from the north being dragged out of it’s land to do battle with Israel. It will have other nations with it as well. They will all try to assault Israel but in the nick of time, God with show His glory by by outright stopping this attack and destroying that army.

I am no prophet, never claimed to be, but to me it does seem like we may actually see some prophecy get fulfilled. Just pay attention to the news. Maybe my guess is wrong, only God knows for sure. Whatever happens in the end, God will shall be done. Even if we like it or not. It WILL be done.


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