The Cult Known as the New Covenant Group

I speak as someone who was a member of this organization for nearly 2 years. These people call themselves Christians but after living with them I can honestly testify to who they really are.

Their doctrine consists first off that Hell is a myth and nothing more. That we were not saved from Hell but from the Mosaic Law. False. If people were saved from the law then how would one man’s life accomplish this? That death makes more sense from the salvation standpoint of most Christians. That is the gospel. While we were dead in our transgressions, Christ died on the cross for us, covered our sins in his sinless blood and washed them away, then rose from the dead on the third day into eternal glory. That is the hope of Christians everywhere.

The New Covenant Group also teaches that there is no end of the age coming that everything was settled in 70 A.D. when Rome sacked Jerusalem and completely destroyed it. No rapture, no great antichrist, no tribulation, nothing. They are basically Christians who do not believe in the power of the Cross or what the bible actually says.

Now, on a day to day basis, they are severally corrupt. Dr. Michael W. Jones (the founder and “pastor”) is very arrogant and looks down on anyone who does not meet his I.Q. level. He also calls himself an apostle, that he has laid the true foundation for Christ in North America. Yet I have seen him use TITHES to indulge in his own pursuits and desires. He says and boasts he is using money all the time to help others but you never ever see this happening. Maybe with his family but no one outside.

In my case, I was their live-in butler/slave. I had nowhere else to go to and no family or friends so they took me in. I basically started doing ALL of their grunt work, killing myself for them seven days a week. I could not date anyone without them choosing them for me. I could NEVER get a job. I couldn’t do anything at all except be their slave 24/7. My life was not my own.

When I did demand to get a job and try to break those chains they cast me out on the street. Even told me not to contact any members of that “church”. I am not the only to suffer as such.

So please, watch out. Pray for them and God bless.


6 thoughts on “The Cult Known as the New Covenant Group

  1. They have some interesting thoughts and concepts from a few videos I have watched. Although, what you dealt with sounds a whole lot of what I dealt with, with a religious group. And all I can say about them (whom I was with) is they were a borderline Christian cult. So I’ll take what this group teaches with an open mind with what you’ve stated in mind.

    Thanks and take care!!

  2. Jeff says:

    Here are some things that the leaders said to me… He is supposedly a Dr. Of linguistics teaching Greek and Aramaic. Not sure of his real name as he goes by Kaine on FB. He even suggested that Jesus was just murdered and that blood atonement and levitical laws were from the pagans.

    Fully Debunked! All of this! Love to know his real name. He is writing a book and am sure he is paying for it with the tithe.

    He said in text that when it said that when in John 1:14 the part where the word was made flesh by draining all His powers, death, life, etc was Metaphoric in text. He said Jesus was God and there is no Trinity. He said blood atonement was a Pagan ritual eventually and that Leviticus was birthed from the pagans who hinged on the Law but Jesus came to abolish the law and became the lowest proclaiming their is no law.. after the eye for an eye verse. That Christ came to abolish the law that was fulfilled. He sited Love holds no records of wrongs. meaning God being Love. He also said that Paul advocated no where in the Greek that he believes that the wages of sin is death. Etc.

    I will send him a few comments from Daniel B Wallace to clear up stuff. I will post and will not wait for any rebuttals. I will mention if there are any rebuttals they can be demolished. I have taken notes on things that were said aside from what was posted and these theories have been very well and rediculously debunked. I do not have the time for this nonsense and this guy is a wolf in sheeps clothing doing exactly what was prophesied to be done in the last days. Take nothing at face value and hold everything suspect. Look at both sides and pay no attention to your emotions. The heart can be decietful and desperately wicked above all things. Test the spirit in wisdom and truth and exit the group. I see false teacher and a strong retribution. I ask you to concede and drop the book. The money is not worth the heresy and trouble that will come being a false teacher or a leader of a cult for that matter. Pantheistic ideologies. Enough Said. Hope and pray you all see the light and it is not a train 🙂

    • Oh, now he has the death of Jesus as a murder? He is trying to destroy the gospel even more now. Terrifying! Please pray this man and any of his followers. Pray that they come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ who DID die on the cross for mankind’s sins and only by His blood could we ever be seen as righteous by our heavenly Father. I bet his congregation is still VERY small. Never seen it above 20.

      That book he mentions, he has been saying he is writing it for a very long time, as well as his own translation of the scriptures. The scriptures he teaches with are the New International Version, Holman Christian Standard Bible and the King James Version. If you need any other info let me know!

      • Joe Wyrostek says:

        I have just recently encountered this group and spoke to Dr. Jones on the phone, I am considering what direction to take… to either debate him, have someone else with more experience in languages, etc… if you get this, please let me know for I would like to gather more information, thank you!

      • Pray on it. Seek counsel from the Holy Spirit. God bless you.

  3. A New Testament Church says:

    Hello friends,

    The nonsense about Paul never teaching that the wages of sin is death is nonsense. I can read Koine Greek and it’s very clear in Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin is the death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” The figurative extension of “opsonion”, which refers to a soldier’s pay or wages. Here it refers to the end result of an activity, seen as something one receives back in return. In this case the activity is sin, and the translation “payoff” captures this thought. See Luow & Nida 89.42.

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